My Take on This

It seems like my life is always changing... sometimes for the worst and sometimes for the better.

I am now entering a better part of my life I hope. I recently got into a relationship wih an awesome girl (Sharon) and it all seems like a dream. She doesn't make any demands of me and is genuinely interested in what I think. It's like a dream that I am having... I like her kids and her family. They are down to earth people that seem to like me back. It's a great change.

My music is moving a little slow. I am frustrated with the local music scene a bit. It seems like I am the only person around me (in the local music scene) that can see the big picture. There are some pretty good local bands but they lack the fortitude to do the work and/or they are unable to accept simple reviews/critiques. I hope that I can put something together and help build some excitement about the goal. It's like pulling teeth. How do I find good quality musicians with the same musical interest, no drug habits, intelligence and good work ethic? It makes me want to scream. What the fuck is wrong with with you guys? Aaaaahhhh! =) It seems to me that everyone suffers from some wierd unconscious dysfunction that prevents them from hope. They listen to everyone around them that are telling them that they will never reach their dreams. It kills me. I guess it's time to put on my saleman hat and sell some dreams. LOL. On to plan C.


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