Going to be a daddy!

Well... I guess they let anyone reproduce these days... I found out this week that I am going to be a Dad for the first time... I don't think it's quite sunk in yet but I am happy about it. I couldn't have chosen a better girl to be the mother of my child. She is a great mother and an awesome person. She has alot of qualities that I wish I had... I think it's why we get along so well... she is what I am not and we share alot in common as well. Poor kid... he's gonna have a rock star, smut master Dad with all the trimmings... lol


Her Kiss was returned with an elbow to the eye

It sucks how things from your past haunt you at times. Like scars that you see in the mirror. I think that some things that I have been through in my life will never go away... they will always hang on and there is nothing I can do to change it. I don't think negatively about myself for those things but I sure wish they weren't there. An example is that I am almost always startled when I am woken by someone else. This morning I was sleeping on my back with my arm over my head. Sharon went to give me a kiss and it startled me... I accidently smacked her right in the eye with my elbow. I hope she hasn't gotten a black eye. I feel terrible about it. She was trembling and I could see the pain in her face. Not a great start for the week. =P


Fear This!

It's kind fucked up how fear rules peoples lives.

Sometimes we can fear something happening so much that we grow to expect it to happen and it changes our perspective.

It's all cause and affect.

Our perspective can lead us to react in a way that is contrary to our initial goal.

The key is to try and maintain a positive perspective in the face of fear.

If you are always on the lookout for something negative to happen then it's quite possible that you will ultimately cause a negative outcome.

If you are always looking out for the negative in other people then your view of other people will generally be negative.

If you make a habit of looking for negative things then you are conditioning your mind to be negative.

Our subconscious mind is affected through habit... and it's the only way to guage real change in our lives.

If you try and see the positive in life... you will reap positive things because they will be apparent.

Sometimes negative things happen to positive people but real character is formed from staying positive in negative situations.

Life is never perfect... it's always in the grey area and there is nothing we can do to change that.

Positive thinking can add color to a grey life.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make all of the issues that people have go away... but I can't.


This here is my answer to life. =)

My Guitar Rig Posted by Hello
This is a Metaltronix 100 Watt Tube Head (these amps were hand soldered and designed by one of the best in the biz) although I am running it at 4 OHMS which gives me between 120-150 watts (I'm not sure). It's FREAKIN LOUD without any farting, V 412 Cabinet with SLM 50 Watt Speakers, POD 2.0 with Floorboard and a Samick CD-3 Guitar.

Shawn and Sharon in Windsor, Canada

This is a picture of us at the Windsor Casino in Windsor, Canada right before we got to see Chevelle, Crossfade, Helmut, Strata and Future Leaders of the World at the Detroit State Theatre.

Shawn and Sharon Posted by Hello

My Take on This

It seems like my life is always changing... sometimes for the worst and sometimes for the better.

I am now entering a better part of my life I hope. I recently got into a relationship wih an awesome girl (Sharon) and it all seems like a dream. She doesn't make any demands of me and is genuinely interested in what I think. It's like a dream that I am having... I like her kids and her family. They are down to earth people that seem to like me back. It's a great change.

My music is moving a little slow. I am frustrated with the local music scene a bit. It seems like I am the only person around me (in the local music scene) that can see the big picture. There are some pretty good local bands but they lack the fortitude to do the work and/or they are unable to accept simple reviews/critiques. I hope that I can put something together and help build some excitement about the goal. It's like pulling teeth. How do I find good quality musicians with the same musical interest, no drug habits, intelligence and good work ethic? It makes me want to scream. What the fuck is wrong with with you guys? Aaaaahhhh! =) It seems to me that everyone suffers from some wierd unconscious dysfunction that prevents them from hope. They listen to everyone around them that are telling them that they will never reach their dreams. It kills me. I guess it's time to put on my saleman hat and sell some dreams. LOL. On to plan C.


Who am I?

I am a simple man with complex views. I live my life by the "Golden Rule" as much as I can. What does that mean? Well... it means that I always try to take the other persons point of view in things and make my decisions accordingly. I don't try to coddle people but I am considerate and unassuming towards them.


To share my perspective

Hi all! Welcome to my blog. This will be a place where you can read about my perspective on the world and hopefully incite some discussion where I can learn your perspective. Hope to hear from you!